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An Erasmus+ educational programme in Primary School

The Hill Memorial School and “Exerevníseis” (Explorations), a not-for-profit society whose object is to design and implement educational programmes for children, with the support of Greece’s I.K.Y. (State Scholarships Foundation), are collaborating with three other European schools and participating in the implementation of a European educational programme, which is part of the Erasmus+ framework of KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of School Education.


The programme’s title is: “Our Cities: A project involving role play, urban planning and political imagination for an active European citizenship”.

The programme’s duration is 24 months, while the other European schools collaborating in it are:

“Escola Sant Gervasi Cooperativa” (Barcelona)

“Ecole Alsacienne” (Paris)

“Istituto Comprensivo di Nettuno I” (Rome)


Thanks to a variety of fact-seeking and experiential actions, the programme’s objective is to enable the children to:

· acquaint themselves with the urban environment they live in;

· identify deficient and dysfunctional conditions in the urban environment’s infrastructures;

· adopt a critical stance towards the problems that make up the daily life of a large city;

· understand the term “active citizen” and, in that capacity, propose solutions for dealing with the social and environmental problems of the city they live in;

· create a model of the ideal city that captures their proposed solutions to the infrastructure issues and the city’s functioning;

· develop a network of cities via the communication with the partner schools.

These actions are conceived to strengthen the children’s ability to become active citizens, as well as to facilitate the acquaintance and cooperation of the children and teachers through their participation in exchange programmes.

Additionally, in the context of observing the urban environment of Athens, the Hill School will also collaborate with the 49th Primary School of Athens.


Over this two-year period, the pupils in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school will have the opportunity to cultivate their conscious participation in collective efforts and also elaborate on their ideas and concerns, both in the context of their daily programme and during the after-hours “City Mysteries” club.