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The enrolment of children attending the Hill School for the first time is based on the random selection of a series of enrolment applications through a draw.

The registration procedure for the children who will attend the Hill School for the first time comprises the following:

1. Submission of application to attend the school: 

2. Confirmation of intent to enrol (until 5/2/2024)

3. Ranking draw of applications (6/2/2024)

4. Registration according to the order resulting from the ranking draw, signing of the school’s rules and regulations and singing of the of the consent document 

5. Introductory meeting between the child and its parents/guardians and representatives of the psycho-pedagogical team.

6. School’s confirmation of the child’s enrolment.

7. Reception of the Hill Folder

Important Dates
  • Saturday 3/2/24 - Open day
  • Tuesday 6/2/24 - Draw of applications & Enrolment day for Preschool and Primary School